Vandals target North Forest school

HOUSTON It was an unwelcome sight for the first people arriving to Oak Village middle school this morning on the northeast side. Graffiti was all over the back of the building. Most of it was covered by the time we got a look at it from SkyEye, but one witness who did not want us to show his face or use his real name says there were references to gang activity and threats against people along the outside wall.

North Forest ISD police are investigating and parents with whom we talked are upset.

"It's ridiculous," said parent Anthony Tyler. "They got nothing else better to do. We've got enough problems in the school district."

"They had a lot of time because they went from one side of the gym, to all the way to the back of the building," said a former employee of the district who didn't want to be identified.

And what did the graffiti say?

"We gonna kill the principal, the principal is a 'B'," he said.

The school district does have surveillance cameras on the campus and we are waiting to hear more from the police about their investigation and what those cameras might have captured overnight.

For now, we do not have any word on the people or person responsible.

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