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I just rented an apartment. The landlord did not tell me that the upstairs neighbor is extremely noisy and that is why the former tenant moved. Do I have any legal rights?


In my opinion, the landlord has violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, our state's consumer protection law. Under this law, anyone who sells or rents anything, including a landlord, must disclose information he knows would matter. If the landlord knew the upstairs tenant was a problem and did not tell you, so you would rent, he has violated this law and you could be entitled to three times your damages. I suggest you let him know you know about the law, and work out an agreement to move or move into a new apartment


I bought a used car. The sales person lied to me about the condition. When I tried to sue I discovered they went out of business. Am I out of luck?


Not necessarily, law I was just talking about, the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, allows you to sue the business or the individual. If you know the salesperson's name, you can file suit against him individually under this law. before you file suit, however, you must send 60 days notice telling him of your complaint.


My wallet was stolen. The thief charged $2,500 to my credit card. Am I responsible?

<> ANSWER: Good news, under federal law, your maximum liability for the unauthorized use of your credit card is $50. You have no liability for any charges after you report the loss. If your card is stolen, be sure to immediately call the credit card company.

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