Couple gets the wedding they missed out on

February 14, 2008 4:20:07 PM PST
Valentine's Day is a perfect day to get re-hitched. A couple from Santa Fe did just that, surrounded by diamonds -- and of course, family and friends.Justin and Sheena Gibson have a pretty unique story. They were supposed to tie the knot back on September 24, 2005, but Hurricane Rita changed their plans. They had to move their wedding date, and had to move the ceremony to the preacher's house, because hurricane evacuees were staying at the church.

But this time, Justin and Sheena renewed their vows with a bit more pomp and circumstance. The Gibsons' son Bryce walked his mom down the aisle. Radio host Irv Harrigan officiated.

Justin and Sheena shared a first dance, cake and a champagne toast. They were also serenaded by country music singer Fisher Stevenson.

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