Is sexy and pregnant a good idea?

February 7, 2008 4:35:10 PM PST
Have you noticed pregnant women these days are looking more and more like runway models? Gone are the days of frumpy fashions. But is this hot, sexy look something everyone appreciates? I've gotta admit with just a few days away from welcoming my own bundle of joy, I'm not feeling very sexy, just big. But maternity store owners in Houston say Hollywood is giving birth to a whole new look.

"Pregnant is sexy now," said Nine Maternity store co-owner Karen Haysley.

Spaghetti straps, body hugging fabrics, strapless dresses.

"We are seeing halters, we are seeing bare shoulders, we are still seeing cleavage," she said.

We're talking super sexy clothes for expecting women.

"Gone are the days of what our moms saw, gone are the days of the mumu," said Kaysley.

Haysley says celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry are making it fashionable to not only show, but actually flaunt the pregnant belly.

"When you think about the clothes I had to wear, my generation, they were tents and things that basically hid the baby," said Haysley. "We were supposed to be disguising our pregnancy."

Belinda Everett once took cover under layers of clothing when she was pregnant. Now she loves shopping for maternity clothing with her pregnant daughter.

"Today's attire, you look at it, it's embracing pregnancy, it's celebrating it," she said.

At Kick Maternity store, Heather Montoya and Melanie Rothwell say they love the snug fit.

"Everything is so much more sexy," said Heather.

"It makes you actually want to go out and buy clothes because you don't look like a tent or a box," said Melanie. "It really does show off a woman's body and all the curves including the bump," said Melanie.

But apparently not everyone in Houston appreciates it. Some consider it downright inappropriate.

"I don't particularly like it," said one woman we spoke with. "I guess I am old fashioned."

"It's not the prettiest sight in the world is it? It looks like a man's beer belly," said another.

And what about baring it all the way Christina Aguilera did in last month's issue of Marie Claire?

"I just don't think I would care to have myself looking like that," said shopper Susan Reid.

"Sexy is not being seen," said shopper Beverly Jackson. "Let the man think about what is underneath all that, so that to me is sexy. That's what my husband likes."