Cheap generics being offered at Kroger

February 6, 2008 4:38:03 PM PST
First it was Wal-Mart and then Target. Now a grocery store is getting in on the discount prescription drug train. Kroger has announced it, too, will sell $4 generic drugs in its Houston area stores. Kroger started offering discounted prescriptions at stores in Ohio last year. Now that same money-saving program is available in stores in our area.

The discounts started Wednesday. Now, more than 100 Houston area Kroger stores are offering $4 generic prescription drugs. For the Jackson family, it's about time.

"These prescriptions are just too high and it is just not affordable for people to get their prescriptions nowadays, so this is an affordable option for pretty much everyone," said Glenda Jackson of The Woodlands.

Glenda takes blood pressure medication every day and the generics will save her big bucks.

"I was spending about $250, almost $300 a month just on monthly prescriptions," she said.

There are more than 300 discounted generic drugs being sold at Kroger stores. Consumers can get a one month's supply of medication for $4. Kroger joins Wal-Mart and Target as the latest store to offer the discounts.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer the $4 generic prescriptions beginning today," said Russell Richard with Kroger. "You can participate in the program by contacting their local pharmacy by telephone, online or in person."

To qualify, consumers with new prescriptions must order them in person. Refills can be ordered online or by telephone. Pharmacists at one Kroger we visited had already changed the prices on drugs being picked up Wednesday afternoon. But just because you can get discounted medication, should you?

"By and large, the choice between that and no medication is hugely in favor of generics and I rarely, rarely find a problem," said Dr. Grant Fowler with UT-Houston.

We asked Dr. Fowler to look at the drugs on the Kroger discount list. He says many patients will benefit from the price cuts.

"The number one on the list is blood pressure medications," said Dr. Fowler. "Literally these had been brand names up until a couple of years ago, are now generically available."

You can still get $4 generics at Wal-Mart and Target. For the most part the lists are the same. Also, H-E-B sells generics for $5. This is just another place to turn to get medications at a discount.

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