AG could have say in KTRK, HCSO email case

February 2, 2008 6:05:25 AM PST
The state attorney general's office could get involved in a lawsuit between ABC13 and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. 13 Undercover filed the lawsuit to stop the sheriff's office from deleting emails older than two weeks. The agency agreed, but Sheriff Tommy Thomas doesn't want to turn over emails considered personal in nature.

The county attorney is asking for an opinion with the attorney general's office.

"The presumption is that all documents generated by the government are public, the Public Information Act contains exceptions, and that's where you get into what needs to be redacted," said Harris County Attorney Mike Stafford.

KTRK's attorney says if the sheriff is allowed to decide what emails are personal and what's not, a lot of important information you deserve to know may never be made public. Stafford is working with Thomas, asking him to reconsider. We'll keep you posted on what happens.

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