Pres. Trump's challenges to stop count may not matter, expert says

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Thursday, November 5, 2020
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Demonstrators are concerned about President Trump's claims of election interference when in reality, it is normal for ballot counting and election result certification to take some time.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- President Donald Trump's false claim that he's already won re-election, along with his baseless claims of election interference, are making activists nervous. Protests have broken out across the U.S. Wednesday evening against his calls for vote counts to stop in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, where just a small margin separates him and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

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Several groups organized demonstrations in Houston to demand all ballots be counted. Non-partisan group Indivisible Houston helped gather advocates from other groups for these protests. Leaders from immigrant-rights organizers, advocates for front-line workers, LBGTQ activists, advocates for Black voters, and more gathered at Eleanor Tinsley Park uniting behind the simple message: "Count Every Vote."

"Harris County voters have turned out in record numbers due in part to tireless community organizing efforts, and the work of Harris County officials to make the democracy safe and accessible to more voters than ever before. Together, we must join people across the United States to ensure that all votes are counted, and stand up for the election process," said one of the organizers, Indivisible Houston, in a statement.

Several other groups also planned to assemble and march in downtown Houston toward the Leland Federal Building.

In Harris County, 68% of people showed up to vote. That's approximately 1.65 million people.

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"I'm in the oil field, so I'm nervous, but I'm pretty sure that Trump is going to pull it out," said one Harris County voter. "I just looked at it, and the swing states are close and leaning towards him."

While there are some hoping Pres. Trump stays another four years, others would like to see change.

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"I'm just hopeful that it will not be Trump and that we'll get a new person in there that can make some changes," said another voter.

While Biden is projected to win in Harris and Fort Bend Counties, people in Montgomery, Galveston, and Brazoria Counties overwhelmingly chose Trump. Nearly 71% of people picked him for president with 100% of the votes in and counted.

"I'm proud that everybody came out to do it, but at the end of the day it's still a toss-up," one voter said. "It's still waiting to see, waiting to hear."

Demonstrators are concerned about President Trump's claims of election interference when in reality, it is normal for ballot counting and election result certification to take some time after Election Day. There are even more of those ballots this year due to the pandemic.

"It's too close to rush to claim victory before we've taken our time and done our due diligence," said Shelley Baker, founder of Say Her Name Houston.

Twitter has flagged several of the president's claims of election interference. But Wednesday evening, Trump tweeted again, casting doubt on his campaign's own legal strategy, writing in part, "What good does it do?"

Even after the counting has stopped, the process won't be over.

Trump has already started legal challenges. But experts, like Professor Josh Blackman with the South Texas College of Law, say the lawsuits may not matter.

"Everything turns on what the margin is. If the margin is not razor-thin, these sorts of lawsuits will likely not be successful," Blackman said.

He said he doesn't think it will come down to a United States Supreme Court ruling.

"I think the Supreme Court will likely not have much to say about this election. I think Biden will have enough votes in Wisconsin and Michigan to make the other swing states not really relevant," Blackman said.

Still, the claims Trump is making have the demonstrators worried about this election and the shape the country will be in afterward.

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