HISD teacher who resigned amid talk show controversy sues Activist Quanell X

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Thursday, January 8, 2015
Do HISD teacher's YouTube videos go too far?
Angela Box made headlines in 2014 for her appearances on 'Tommy's Garage.' The HISD elementary school teacher eventually resigned after coming under fire for comments on the show

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A former Houston elementary teacher who garnered attention for controversial statements she made on a public access talk show has filed suit against a prominent Houston activist.

Angela Box, who appeared on a talk show called "Tommy's Garage" dished out cleavage and controversy, making comments about Muslims, politics and the President. Box's comments drew the attention of local activist Quanell X. A press release claimed that Box had used the "N" word, and that Quanell X was to hold a news conference. Box says she never used the "N" word and that the statement was false and damaged her reputation.

Box eventually resigned from her job at Dailey Elementary school. The lawsuit claims that Quanell X's statements and press conference in front of her school "created a hostile work environment" and left her no choice but to quit her job. The suit says that the statements effectively ended her career as an educator.

Quanell X appeared on "Tommy's Garage" and said the press release that made the accusation about Box, was issued by a publicist and not him.