CrossFit gyms working together to prevent permanent closures

CrossFit gyms around the world are combining resources and fundraising in the hopes of re-opening after COVID19 closures are lifted.

"One month of full closure for a small mom and pop gym like this can end the business' lifecycle," said Andrew Resendez, the owner of Beast mode CrossFit in Friendswood.

Thirty to forty athletes have been joining Resendez for his online work-outs every day.

"I told Andrew from the get go to keep billing me every month," explained athlete Raymond Beacon. "I think it's important for the small businesses to be able to continue to function and move forward."

CrossFit gyms all over the world are closed for now, and the annual CrossFit Games look like they will probably be canceled this year, too.

So, starting on April 3rd, gym owners are getting together to offer virtual competitions.

If you want to participate, you can donate as little or as much as you'd like.

"It is a little bit scary especially not knowing what's coming week to week or how long this is actually going to last," Resendez said. "So, CrossFit headquarters giving us that support is really really awesome."

"It's a family. I would say even more than a community we're a family," added Matthew Davis, who owns CrossFit Igneous in Tomball.

The money raised goes to keeping individual gyms open.

"We get in there and we bust our butts on a daily basis," Davis said. "But it comes down to working as a team."

If you'd like to participate, go here:
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