American Airlines agent saves 2 girls from alleged human trafficking suspect

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Sunday, February 18, 2018
Airline agent saves 2 girls from suspected human trafficker
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American Airlines says one of its agents helped thwart an alleged human trafficker's plan to lure two underage girls to New York.

SACRAMENTO, California (KTRK) -- A man is accused of trying to lure two underage girls to New York with the promise of jobs in entertainment and modeling.

But a quick-thinking American Airlines ticketing agent is being credited with keeping the girls safe after they were just one free flight away from meeting a suspected human trafficker.

Denise Miracle said red flags went off when the girls, ages 17 and 15, approached her ticket counter at Sacramento International Airport.

Armed with two First Class tickets, the girls were intent on getting on their flights with a small set of bags.

But with no adult supervision and no identification, Miracle thought trouble might be the girls' final destination.

Miracle discovered the girls' flights were either one-way or multi-stop tickets paid for with a fraudulent credit card.

The ticket agent called Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies, who soon learned the girls had been furnished the plane tickets by a man they met on Instagram.

The man they called "Drey" allegedly told the girls they could earn $2,000 doing some modeling and by performing in music videos.

But investigators said the flight could have altered the girls' lives forever after they traveled to the airport without their parents' knowledge.

American Airlines customer service agent Denice Miracle and Deputy Todd Sanderson helped keep two girls out of reach of a human trafficking suspect in New York.

When deputies pointed out their tickets were one-way flights, the girls were shocked, according to deputies.

The girls were reunited with their parents, who were told by investigators their daughters nearly became victims of human trafficking.

American Airlines commended Miracle for her quick thinking, saying her training saved the girls' lives.

There is no word on whether the human trafficking suspect has been caught, or what charges he may face.