Amazon clarifies what happened with driver unlocking League City family's home

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Amazon driver unlocks League City family's door without permission
They deliver smiles, but video only on ABC13 shows an Amazon driver doing more when he enters a home without a family knowing.

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- In the continuous battle on how an Amazon driver managed to walk into a League City family's home without their permission, the retail company said the family's account had an access code.

This week, the family told ABC13 their doors were locked, and the driver somehow knew a code to get in through their keyless pad. They say they never put the front door code on their Amazon account or any delivery account.

Now, they're concerned there may be a master code to the security system on their keyless lock. Darcus Sparks' husband was home during the time of the delivery and says he was stunned to see the door open and the driver in the doorway.

"I don't think he had intentions of just setting that (package) down. He was just going to see if somebody was here. So he, probably, would've came in, I'm sure. I can't say that's for sure what was going to happen, but that's what I felt," he told ABC13.

Their family is left with a lot of questions on how someone could enter their home without the access code.

"It was very alarming, because, first of all, it just made me feel like he's been in several people's homes, or he's been in my home and I wasn't aware of it," Sparks said.

She adds that she's concerned about her family's safety and has filed a police report.

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"I said no more keyless. That's out the door. We're getting a real key back on the door," Sparks said.

A spokesperson for Amazon apologized to the Sparks family and called the situation highly unusual.

The company says it's conducting an internal review to assure this doesn't happen again.

In a Sept. 15 update, an Amazon spokesperson told ABC13 they have completed the review on the case and said their systems determined the family had an access code on their account from 2017. They said the codes have been removed from their account and won't be an issue moving forward.

The Sparks family told ABC13 that the response is bogus because the code Amazon tells them they had on their account has never been one of their home entry codes. They had and showed ABC13 receipts that they didn't get their keyless pad security home entry system until July 2018, after the time Amazon says they were given an entry code by the family.

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