Amazon delivery driver records being attacked while dropping off package in River Oaks

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Thursday, December 28, 2023
Amazon delivery driver attacked while dropping off package
Amazon delivery driver tells ABC13 about the moment she was attacked while dropping off a package.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An Amazon delivery woman says she was harassed at a residential building in River Oaks while trying to do her job, and it was all caught on camera.

Jamaiya Miller said she's worked with Amazon for the last two years and told ABC13 she wants accountability and plans to pursue this situation criminally and civilly.

Miller said she was wearing her marked Amazon vest during the delivery and was trying to drop off a package at a residential building she had never been to before.

She said a resident allowed her into the building and in an elevator, and then she said things took a turn when a woman demanded she go to the concierge.

"The delivery instructions for this particular suite said to deliver to the suite. So despite the woman telling me I needed to go to the concierge, I decided to finish my job and deliver it to the suite," Miller said.

Representatives for the residential building at the River Oaks property say their building policy is for all packages to be delivered to the concierge. It's something Miller said she wasn't aware of until a resident told her as she was already on the floor of the apartment she needed to deliver to.

A spokesperson for the property sent Eyewitness News the following statement:

"Our staff is aware of the unfortunate incident that took place on Dec. 16 between an Amazon delivery driver and two residents. The actions of third parties do not, in any way, reflect the values of Belle Meade at River Oaks. We care deeply about creating a hospitable environment and the safety of all residents, guests, employees, and service providers. The Belle Meade at River Oaks policy states that all packages and parcels are to be delivered to the concierge desk. To the best of our understanding, a resident mistakenly allowed the Amazon delivery driver onto a restricted-access elevator and a resident hallway within the building, where the event took place. At this time, we are exploring all options and fully cooperating with the Houston Police Department. Due to the ongoing investigation, please direct all further inquiries to HPD."

"If they really thought it was a problem, they could have contacted security or the concierge himself instead of trying to physically approach me and become aggressive," Miller said. "Being a Black woman in a rich white neighborhood, mostly white neighborhood, I did think the people would believe those residents - being that they're older white women."

Miller told ABC13 that this is the reason she started recording.

"She was saying, 'She's attacking me,' but you can clearly see her hitting me as she's saying this. In that moment, it got a little more scary because she was going to make false claims about me being there," Miller said.

Miller has filed a police report, and her case has now been assigned to an investigator.

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