YouTuber builds million dollar empire

Thursday, May 7, 2020
Youtuber turns success online into fitness empire with Alphalete in Houston area
What the power of social media does for a man's business growth!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Christian Guzman has turned a huge social media presence into a business and a growing gym.

At 27 years old, Guzman has turned Alphalete Gym in Stafford into one of the most coveted gyms in the country. He has millions of followers on social media.

When Guzman attended Dulles High School he was 115 pounds. He then decided to turn to fitness and showcased his passion on a YouTube channel, which exploded.

"I wanted to document my progress in the gym and the things I was doing," Guzman said.

He said this eventually led him to his first business, which was an online business.

"That was able to fund my first gym. We are now on our fourth move in the last six years," said Guzman.

His next move is exciting and ambitious. Alphalete Gym will move down the street to the brand new Alphaland complex in October. It will house three gyms and eventually a restaurant and a hotel.

"Gym one is our luxury gym with AC, high end and new equipment. Just really clean. Gym two is actually like the origin of Alphalete Gym which is no AC, so you are in a warehouse box. Gym three is actually very similar to gym two, just a little smaller and more hardcore," said Guzman.

He calls his job his playground, and loves every moment of it.

"I just want to build the playground. It is a really cool spot to be in," he said.

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