Alvin man helps tune Alicia Keys' piano for rodeo concert

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Matthew Todd has been a piano tuner for 20 years. He gets a big name a couple of times a year, but last week he was asked to tune for the biggest name of his career: Alicia Keys.

"I already said yes I would before I knew who was playing. But then I looked it up later and was like 'ok!" he said.

Since bursting onto the scene with "Fallin" in 2002, Keys has put out hit after hit. Whenever she performs, there's one thing that's always there.

"She's a Yamaha artist, so everywhere she goes she's got a Yamaha," he said.

Some of the most intimate moments of her concerts are at the piano bench. As a result, the piano has to be in tune. On Friday night, that was Matthew Todd's job.

He was so proud to do the job he posted a picture to Instagram from the first tuning of the day.

Todd says he is blessed for the opportunity.

"I tuned once prior to delivery at the store. Got it just right. And then it was delivered here about 10 a.m. I tuned at noon again, pretty much just a brush up. Then I tuned it this final time at 6:00 p.m.," he said.

An out of tune piano can break a performance. That was not happening on his watch.

"I tune every note, even the high end. She may not even play the last 10 notes," Todd said.

From Alvin, this is Matthew's first time at the Rodeo. It's also his first time at NRG and he's here for his most high profile gig yet.

He had one small confession.

"I don't really know any Alicia Keys songs, but I might after tonight," he added.

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