Jury selection for AJ Armstrong's 3rd murder trial set to begin May 1, with trial slated for June

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
AJ Armstrong's 3rd murder trial date has been set
A.J. Armstrong's third murder trial will take place in June 2023 after the jury selection, which takes place in May, wraps up.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A date has been set for A.J. Armstrong's third trial for capital murder in the deaths of his parents, Dawn and Antonio Armstrong Sr. This comes after a judge ruled last month that the trial will remain in Harris County after another judge filed a motion to change the location.

A new jury will be selected starting May 1, with the trial slated to follow in June.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to an unusually extensive jury selection process. That process will be a voir dire, which means instead of questioning a jury in a group, each person will be talked to individually. This method is usually used in a death penalty case.

"You might take an hour or two on just one particular juror because you're really trying to ferret out whether or not they can be fair and impartial," legal analyst Steve Shellist explained last month. "So, I guess the judge is saying that's a compromise, but it's a big deal."

In the third trial, the jury selection process is expected to take six weeks.

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