Couple to start Brooklyn Half Marathon as single people, and finish as husband and wife

Friday, May 19, 2017
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Amy Freeze has the latest details.

PROSPECT PARK, Brooklyn -- This weekend at the finish line of the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon, it will actually be a significant start for one couple.

Two runners racing together are about to become partners for life.

For Krissa Cetner and Alexander Salazar, their fairy tale started in Brooklyn after a workout.

"She let me know after a running group at the bar after everyone else had left, it was just her and I, I walked her to the subway, we had a couple of drinks," said Alex.

"I was totally chill, and was like, you know, you and I would be pretty amazing together," said Krissa.

Five years later, they are finishing each other's sentences.

After dozens of races together and countless miles running side by side, Alex and Kris go to the start line to run their 4th Brooklyn Half Marathon as single people - and they will complete the race with much more than a shiny medal.

"We're going to start the race at mile zero as single people, and we're going to run to about mile 6, 6 and a half in the park and finish the race as married people," said Krissa.

He'll be sweating up a storm under his tux-printed-on t-shirt, and she'll have a certain glow as her father runs her up to the spot.

Under the blooming trees just off the course in Prospect Park, friends and family will be waiting for them to say "I do."

Tying the knot will add 15 minutes to their overall finish time as husband and wife, but the fit couple see their wedding as very symbolic of their "happily ever after" plan.

"Marriage is like a marathon, it's not a sprint," said Alex. "There are definitely times when one of us is struggling and we help push the other one along, so we keep each other motivated, keep us in the game, in the race."

"This is my dream, and to marry my best friend in the middle of a race, I couldn't ask for anything more so it is my dream come true," said Krissa.

They are expecting a huge wedding party. After all, more than 20,000 runners crossed the finish line at the Brooklyn Half last year.

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