Jury convicts man in fatal Sugar Land shooting sparked by affair suspicions

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Thursday, July 16, 2015
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SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- A Fort Bend County jury convicted a 32-year-old man who shot and killed a man he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

Huver Oregon-Reyes was found guilty of murder Tuesday. Authorities say Oregon-Reyes fatally shot Marlon Alexander Palencia Castaneda in March 2014 at a Sugar Land manufacturing warehouse.

Witnesses say Oregon-Reyes walked into the warehouse with an accomplice and confronted Castaneda. During the argument, Oregon-Reyes pulled out a gun, shot Castaneda in the chest and fled the scene.

A Crime Stoppers tip helped authorities identify Oregon-Reyes and detectives used his cell phone signals to track him to Lewisville, a North Texas town near Dallas.

During interrogations, detectives say Oregon-Reyes confessed to the murder. He said he knew Castaneda and his wife had been exchanging Facebook messages for more than a year and began to suspect an affair.

At trial, his defense team claimed Oregon-Reyes never intended to kill Castaneda and that the gun accidentally discharged.

In the end, the jury sided with prosecutors.

"I'm proud of the jury for carefully considering the evidence and reaching a just verdict," said lead prosecutor Abdul Farukhi. "Huver Oregon-Reyes committed a cold-blooded murder for no good reason and these are the kind of people that need to be behind bars."

Oregon-Reyes faces between 5 and 99 years, or life, in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

Oregon-Reyes has elected to sentenced by a judge. The date for a punishment hearing has not been set yet.

Fort Bend County 434th District Court Judge James Shoemake presided over this case.

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