ABC13's virtual job fair is helping Texans get back to work

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Friday, October 9, 2020
ABC13's virtual job fair is helping Texans get back to work
For the past five months, ABC13 has been helping Texans find jobs during the pandemic.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Eyewitness News weekly virtual job fair is helping Texans get back to work.

Ann Kidney, a former NYPD officer, said she's back doing what she loves - helping others.

"It's nice to talk to people," Kidney said. "You find out a little bit about them. I've talked to many New Yorkers that have moved here."

Kidney is one of 19 new employees at the Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas.

"I really thought, at that time, it was going to be really difficult finding a job, and then, the job fair helped a lot," Kidney said.

She's not alone with that thought process. One of Kidney's coworkers, Vicki Monnich, said someone told her about ABC13's job fair, so she applied and got the position.

"It actually feels very good to be back at work," Monnich said. "The ladies I work with are great. I love the company I work for."

On Thursday, ABC13 partnered with Workforce Solutions to feature more than 200 jobs, with some paying $30 an hour.

"These employers are ready to conduct interviews," Workforce Solutions spokesperson Michelle Castrow said. "They are ready to start as early as Monday morning."

Kidney and Monnich said they know how quickly some employers are willing to move.

"Keep applying," Monnich said. "Work your resume, hit up job fairs and put yourself out there."

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