This Third Ward gallery brings African art to Houstonians

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
ABC13 Plus: Gite Gallery in Third Ward brings African art to Houston
Former reporter Lloyd Gite's art gallery affords the Third Ward and beyond a chance to view and own real art from Africa.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- You know those places you drive by all the time and wonder what's inside?

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We're featuring The Gite Gallery at 2024 E. Alabama St. in Third Ward. It's a place for African fine art.

"Do I miss television? I don't miss television at all," laughed owner Lloyd Gite. "Do I love being an art gallery owner? Yes, I do!"

Gite was a reporter for decades, interviewing the kind of stars so big, they only need one name, like Oprah and Beyoncé.

But, while he was working, Gite was also spending time in Africa.

He fell in love with the art and opened the gallery nearly 20 years ago.

"You see works by African American artists, but you don't see works by African artists," he explained. "So, I wanted to bring the beauty of African art to Third Ward, a historically African American community."

Lloyd is proud to still live in Third Ward.

"People are moving back into this community, and I think it's an alive community and that's what we're trying to make it into," he said. "That's why this gallery is part of this community."

The gallery closed for a short time this spring due to COVID-19.

But, thanks to online sales and referrals, Gite said he's sure this local business is here to stay.

"Sales have been up. I think the reason being is that people are staying at home more and more. They're looking at these bare walls in their houses and they're like, 'We need art,'" he said. "Art speaks to us. It moves us in a certain way."

You can browse through the works available at The Gite Gallery website.

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