Alvin Community College offers way to tap into oil and gas and earn nearly $70,000

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- As the oil and gas industry bounces back from the pandemic, Alvin Community College offers a program where you can earn nearly $70,000 after graduating.

This isn't your average college assignment. Instead of pencil and paper, certain Alvin Community College students need safety gear to ace their exams.

"You take one thing at a time and everything starts to add up and make more sense," student Bianca Wilson explained. "So, if you learn one thing before another it might be confusing, but it all comes together in the end."

With petrochemical plants in the region, ACC offers a process technology program. It's an associate program that pays around $68,000 after school.

"It's a solid degree and career to go into because there's always going to be a need for it," student Byron Anders said.

The demand for positions and pay is what drew some ACC students. Constance Fewell's father also completed the program.

But she has another reason to take courses.

"I want nice boats," Fewell said. "You want to be able to go fishing whenever I have time off and everything."

Bianca Wilson's family worked in oil and gas, and she knows how it can lead to a good lifestyle. "I'm going to have everything I want and be able to support my family too," Wilson explained.

For Dianna Hall, pay is important. Not for luxuries, but a lifelong commitment.

"My older son has special needs," Hall said. "He has additional medical bills, and we're trying to plan out his future."

The program is helping those looking for work, like Anders, who lost his lower-level oil and gas job. Anders said he wants a degree because he enjoys the industry.

"It's a good fit because a lot of the valves and stuff and the gauges they use in the petrochemical plants," Anders explained.

Registration starts next month, with new classes in January. If you're interested, visit Alvin Community College's website, or call (281) 765-3500.

A degree is $4,200 for in-district students, and a certificate is $2,600. The students ABC13 talked to have studied for nearly two years.

"You have a whole team supporting you," Fewell explained. "They don't try to buck you or anything. Come in and show how tough and smart you are and you got it."

Now the students are months away from graduating and changing their lives.

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