Benefits beyond a paycheck found with employers participating in ABC13's virtual job fairs

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- As ABC13 celebrates its one-year anniversary with its weekly job fair, we're taking a look at how new employees are earning more than a paycheck.

Cole Cameron joined Tony's Tex-Mex in Katy three months ago, and it's changed his life. Cameron has autism, but that didn't stop him from landing a job.

The restaurant teamed with Workforce Solutions with its job coach program. It gets individuals with intellectual developmental disorders jobs.

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At first, the candidates work with a job coach. Eventually, the coach leaves and the individual stays on as an employee. It's a program the restaurant couldn't be happier with.

"At first, he was working just Tuesday to see how it goes, but then we started bringing him more on Thursdays as well," said Tony's Tex-Mex manager, Tony Vega Jr.

Tony's Tex-Mex prides itself on changing lives. The restaurant has been featured in our weekly virtual job fairs.

In addition to a paycheck, new employees can get free English classes, and ways to earn an education. These programs are as diverse as the menu.

"Bring it on," Vega said. "We love new challenges."

This is why they couldn't be happier with Cameron, who was brought on to change his life, but employees say he's impacting all of theirs.

"Tables. That's my favorite," Cameron explained. "The whole part! That's my favorite part!"

Tony's Tex-Mex is looking to hire even more employees. This week, the restaurant will once again take part in ABC13's virtual job fair. The half-hour event starts at 11:30 a.m. Thursday morning. To participate, look for the live stream on our website, and streaming app. To preview the jobs visit Workforce Solution's website, and look for the "As seen on ABC13" section.

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