ABC13's 'Who's Hiring' virtual job fair continues to help Houstonians

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Behind the scenes of our ABC13 job fair is a group of Workforce Solutions recruiters helping Houstonians get back to work.

For a year, Michelle from Workforce Solutions and ABC13's Nick Natario have co-hosted a weekly virtual job fair on our website and streaming apps. But what you don't get to see are the people behind the scenes making it happen.

To help people get back to work, you can reach out to Workforce Solutions by phone call, email and even contact them on social media.

Workforce Solutions employee Terri Edmonds said she's collected many applications on social media.

"Even though we couldn't go into the offices, people were still able to attend a job fair," Edmonds recalled.

During the first month, about 150 people applied on social media. Since then, it's taken off.

In all, more than 3,000 Houston-area residents have applied during the job fair on Facebook. "I really figured by the end of December they wouldn't be doing this anymore, but it's still big," Edmonds said.

Our job fair doesn't just take applications. There's also an ABC13 viewer hotline.

Kapre Mckinney answers those calls and since October, more than 300 people have gotten interviews, and about 130 are back on the job.

"A lot of the calls we get are from people who had been with the same employer for 20-25 years," Mckinney said. "They don't know where to begin writing a resume."

Mckinney said if you're looking for work, it could be as simple as making that call.

"There are a lot of people out here looking for jobs," Mckinney said. "If we can help one, just one at a time, it puts a big smile on my face."

As we celebrate one year, we're not stopping yet.

This Thursday, ABC13 will host another virtual job fair.

You might see two familiar faces, but it's the people behind the scenes who make them so successful.

"We've had a lot of people get employed," Edmonds said. "There's been a lot of success stories."

To preview jobs in our virtual job fair, visit the "As Seen on ABC13" section on Workforce Solutions' website.

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