Texas ranks 11th in the world in most COVID-19 cases

Texas is outpacing many countries when it comes to the new COVID-19 infections.

On its own, the state has the 11th largest cases per million residents over the last seven days in the world.

As the cases continue to surge, doctors and nurses are struggling to keep up with the caseloads. Doctors say patients can go from stable to needing serious care in just a short amount of time.

For patients it is a lonely time. They cannot have visitors because of the risk of spreading virus.

"The patient experience is so different from anything that we've provided in the past, There are no visitors. They have their doors closed. They are not allowed to venture out of their room, even if they are physically able. They have a frightening life, a frightening diagnosis that could be very life threatening," Registered Nurse Catherine Davis said.

Patients with COVID-19 are not allowed to even walk the halls, they are kept in their rooms the entire time. Even if they are strong enough to walk around, they cannot.

Doctors say all those patients can do is wait to get better and pray they do not get worse.

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