Couple wanted for setting fires during George Floyd riots may have fled to Texas

TEXAS (KTRK) -- A Minnesota couple believed to be connected to several fires set in St. Paul during the protests and riots after George Floyd's death, may be in Texas.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has increased the reward for information leading to the arrest of Jose Felan, Jr, 33, and his wife, Mena Dyaha Yousif, 31, from $5,000 to $10,000 each.

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Felan is wanted for multiple counts of arson, and Yousif is charged with aiding in his escape. Authorities believes the case has now made its way to Texas.

"The investigation led us to the Dallas area initially, but they continued south. We've had multiple contacts out here in West Texas and in South Texas," Peter Castillo, a Deputy US Marshal with the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force in Del Rio, Texas said. "We know they have family members throughout this area. We know they have friends throughout this area. We know they are very familiar with the travel routes between the San Antonio area and the Houston area. We know that they may have contacts, as well, in Mexico."

Investigators believe the couple may be trying to flee the country to Mexico.

Felan is accused of setting fire last month to several businesses, and to a St. Paul High School named for Gordon Parks, a prominent Minnesota black photographer.

ATF released video showing a man they identified as Felan running away from a smoky area.

Felan has a tattoo with his wife's name, Mena, on his arm.

Yousif has been known to remove her hijab or wear disguises like wigs, hats and hair extensions. She is also pregnant. Castillo fears they are growing desperate.

"They are aware of the fact they are being pursued. That can lead us to some cause for concern as far as any actions they can take," Castillo said. "We are also aware that Mena is, we believe to be, between six to eight months pregnant. We're also taking that into consideration in our investigation. The fact that there is an unborn child, an innocent child here involved, as well. At this point, the quicker all of this ends for everybody's sake, the better."

Anyone with information is urged to report tips to 877-WANTED-2 (877-96-8330) or

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