ICU nurse's dream wedding dress stolen during home break-in

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Vicky Pappas is supposed to be planning her dream wedding in Greece, which was set to happen in August, surrounded by family and friends.

Instead, the ICU nurse is in tears, because thieves broke into her apartment on Thursday. Among the wallets, jewelry, and electronics you would expect the bad guys to take, they also took her wedding dress.

"It's gone," Pappas said through her tears. "It had the tags on. I hadn't even tried it on because they told me not to open it until I get it to alterations and it's gone."

Pappas and her fiance were both at work when someone broke into their small apartment located in an upscale complex near River Oaks.

"It's a tiny apartment," said fiance Ilias Vissarioui, who discovered the break-in.

Pappas was already feeling down because the couple just decided a few days ago to postpone their Greek wedding because of COVID-19. They were renting the small apartment to save money to buy a house.

And it gets worse. Pappas doesn't have a car right now, because it was stolen four months ago, from the apartment's garage.

"This year has been terrible. They broke into the garage in January and they broke into Ilias' car, and stole my car, and it was found destroyed the next day."

Pappas showed us photos of her car destroyed, and also the beautiful wedding dress she was planning to wear just months from now. The thieves also took her wallet, and a number of sentimental items from the couple.

Through all of this, Pappas says she's found some comfort in her job as a nurse and caring for others.

"I was really really proud to be able to do something for people, to be there during this, and on the COVID unit for five weeks, and doing things that were helping people."

Pappas says she has not decided whether she and her fiance will move out of the apartment complex.

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