Owner of puppies abandoned in Pearland parking lot found

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Pearland Animal Hospital says a woman who abandoned six puppies in the mud along a busy road will not be prosecuted, but they find it hard to believe someone would abandon the adorable furry pets.

"The puppies were left in a cardboard box," said Veterinarian Kris Schoeffler.

The hospital said late Thursday the woman was found after video surfaced showing her pulling up to the hospital Wednesday and leaving the pups behind.

ABC 13 first showed you surveillance video from Pearland Animal Hospital.

A woman was seen in a red truck leaving the box full of puppies on the mud in the parking area of the pet hospital.

Schoeffler said it could have been a lot worse for them.

"They could have been run over," he said. "They could have been exposed to weather or somebody parking could have run them over that way."

As of Thursday afternoon, they posted on their Facebook page that the owner was found and they had a talk with her.

"(It's) not about prosecuting this woman. It's about helping her make better decisions in the future and getting the mama dog spayed," the hospital said on Facebook.

The hospital said the woman, whose identity was not released, had a "reasonable expectation" the puppies would be found and cared for by employees.

"It would have been much safer had they actually told us they were there or come inside (and tell us)," Schoeffler said.

They hope this helps others in her situation do the right thing.

As for the puppies, only five remain as the male in the litter will be adopted.

If you want to adopt them contact Pearland Animal Control.

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