Camera clarity key for catching criminals

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Video is not always king when it comes to solving a crime, video clarity is.

"We installed these (security cameras) six years ago probably. The technology has improved tremendously since then," said Claudia Hertzog.

Hertzog caught a man in a ball cap on camera, walking up to her front doorstep earlier this month to grab her package. He was seen taking the package and walking away. The video of the theft was in black and white and grainy. The man's face could not be identified.

"It was from Amazon. It was my husband's birthday present," said Hertzog.

Hertzog posted the video online for her neighbors to be on the lookout, and admitted it was time to upgrade her home's camera system. The options on the market are overwhelming, and so is the demand in Houston.

"We've been having a lot of home invasions lately," said Robert Segovia who works at Micro Center.

From wireless to wired, small to big, high definition to low resolution, there's something for everyone at every price range.

"They have 4 camera set, 8 camera set, 16 camera set," said Segovia.

How do you know what's right for you and your home or business? Segovia said let the video quality guide you. The clearer the picture the better.

"They (customers) want to make sure they get be possible image of the person," said Segovia.

That's something police also say is critical. Take for instance a robbery that happened last week inside a Memorial-area watch and jewelry business. A man could be seen on video reaching behind a counter and escaping with a tray full of jewels worth $10,000.

"We're able to see the guy, see what he did and probably will catch this guy as a result of these cameras," said jewelry store owner Jim Birdsong.

Birdsong's camera cost only about $200, but the pictures are priceless. The thief's face was captured in full HD, clear as day.

Another tip, Segovia said install your camera the right way. Placing it too high on your home could give a suspect a chance to hid his/her face; too low and the thief could walk away with your camera.
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