Woman slips out of handcuffs, steals police cruiser in Tulsa, Oklahoma

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Newly released police dash and body cam video shows the moment a suspected car thief stole a second car: a Tulsa, Oklahoma police cruiser.

Video from the incident, which occurred back in March, shows 36-year-old Angie Frost driving off.

Police say, Frost had been pulled over and taken into custody without incident for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle. An officer put her in handcuffs and then into the front passenger seat of his police vehicle.

While the officers were outside the car, Frost slipped out of the cuffs, slid over to the driver's seat, locked the door and got away.

Police say an officer later saw Frost turn into the parking lot of a nearby hotel and followed her before she jumped out of the car and attempted to flee.

She was captured a short time later.

Police say Frost is facing several charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle, larceny of a vehicle and resisting.
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