Video captures man stabbing family dog in northside

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Chaz's owner says the terrible sounding cough coming from her Rottweiler mix didn't start until Saturday morning. Veronica Castro and her family found blood in the yard first, then a closer look and she said, "He had cuts on his lips, it was heartbreaking."
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Surveillance video captures man stabbing dog in near northside neighborhood.

After scrolling through overnight video from their Hardy Street home, what they found hurt them even more. She said both dogs were in the yard, "Barking at him but the fence is there, they can't get through. This guy just stands there by the gate jabbing at him with the knife."

They say they don't know the man seen stabbing at Chaz repeatedly. Today the dog is having surgery. Dr. Bhaskar Challa with Northline Pet Clinic is performing surgery. He said, "It's unfortunate and the cruelty. I saw a deep laceration on the upper lip and one on the neck is deep and coughing could be inflammation."

The Castros have filed a report with HPD. BARC says while HPD handles criminal complaints like this one they will assist as needed. Ashtyn Rivet with BARC said, "These dogs were confined within their home, within a fence, they were not posing a danger to man on the other side of the fence. This is a very sad situation."

The Castros want to know who it is and why they did this. "I'd like this person to be caught and get the justice Chaz deserves," said Veronica Castro.

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