14 people contract COVID-19 Delta variant in Harris County, according to public health dept.

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Friday, July 2, 2021
Delta COVID-19 variant now in Houston, but should we be worried?
The delta COVID-19 variant, which was first detected in India, has now been reported in more than 80 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Now, experts say it's made it to Houston. ABC13's Steve Campion explains what we should be doing to stay healthy.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In Harris County, 14 people contracted the COVID-19 Delta variant between April and June, according to the public health department.

Health officials said all 14 individuals were unvaccinated.

Those affected range from 20 to 60 years of age. No related deaths have been reported.

Although 14 cases have been confirmed through additional testing, that number may not reflect the total number of cases in the Houston area, according to officials.

The Delta variant is a version of the coronavirus that has been found in more than 80 countries since it was first detected in India. It got its name from the World Health Organization, which names notable variants after letters of the Greek alphabet.

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Experts say the variant spreads more easily because of mutations that make it better at latching onto cells in our bodies.

The CDC reports nearly 25% of new COVID-19 cases were linked to the Delta variant and are up 6% from early June this year.

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The best protection against the variant is to be fully vaccinated by any of the three available COVID-19 vaccines, health officials said.

Currently, only half of Harris County residents are fully vaccinated.

For more information on where to get vaccinated, visit the Harris County Public Health website or call 832-927-8787.

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