10 underdog movies Astros fans need to watch

A League of their Own, Rocky, and Cool Runnings are all great movies, but they don't have the message the Astros need right now.

The Astros came into the World Series as underdogs, but now they're on top. These films illustrate that underdogs are capable of more than just moral victories.

Ready to get inspired?
  1. Caddyshack
  2. The Astros are back home at Minute Maid, so we got that going for us, which is nice. This Cinderella story is a must-watch.

  3. The Mighty Ducks
  4. This inspirational movie will surely get "We are the Champions" stuck in your head.

  5. D2: The Mighty Ducks
  6. The just as good if not better sequel shows that all teams need is a rousing locker room speech to come from behind and win.

  7. Major League
  8. The Astros know a little something about a pennant drought and so did this fictionalized version of the Cleveland Indians. Get your "Little bit outside," impression ready for when Darvish pitches.

  9. Little Giants
  10. It's always a good movie when you're rooting against the Cowboys!

  11. Hoosiers
  12. This film will help you remember that no matter how big the game, the field is the same size. We know the Astros won't let a big game make them lose sight of that fact.

  13. Miracle
  14. Who wouldn't want to watch one of the best sports moments in American history? USA vs Russia in the "Miracle on Ice."

  15. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  16. True to its name, this movie isn't about being accepted. It's about winning.

  17. Hardball
  18. Just like Houston, the players in Hardball had rough times. They didn't let it define them and neither will the Astros.

  19. Seabiscuit
  20. The Astros haven't the smoothest path to the World Series, but as Charles Howard says in this movie, "Everybody loses a couple, and you either pack up and go home or keep fighting." The Astros have and will keep fighting.

Can you tell what all these movies have in common? SPOILER ALERT: All of these underdogs actually win!

A 10-foot tall rooster, free hot dogs, head-shaving and pumpkin carvings: We've got all the World Series bases covered.

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