Big East Texas car dealership billboard features big mistake

An East Texas billboard was up for six months before someone noticed it had confused the words "piece" and "peace."

May 4, 2014 6:11:41 AM PDT
A huge billboard in East Texas is getting a lot of attention, and that attention is for all the wrong reasons.

This billboard is an advertisement for a car dealership in Longview. It went up about 6 months ago and no one noticed it has a big mistake on it.

The billboard says "piece of mind warranty" instead of "peace of mind warranty."

"The sign is an unusually big sign with it being the old movie theater sign, so people did come in and tell us about it and everything. So we're taking care of the situation," general manager Travis Potter said.

The dealership says instead of fixing the mistake, they are going to donate the billboard to the East Texas Literacy Council.

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