Houstonians weigh in on condition of city roads

The city has dramatically decreased funding for road repair, and many of you say that decision hasn't gone unnoticed (KTRK)
May 1, 2014 8:35:55 PM PDT
We hear you, you are tired of shaking and bumping and navigating bad roads in Houston.

Our investigation revealed the city has dramatically decreased funding for road repair in the last several years and its plans don't show a dramatic increase in big projects until 2019.

Houston roads are, according to some of you, "an embarrassment to all of us who call Houston home." That's what Neidra Davis told us in our Facebook search for Houston's worst roads.

When we asked for your selection of Houston's worst roads, Greens Road was the most prominent. And 33 other Houston streets were in the mix too, and few of them were near the top of city's worst road list.

Maybe Javier Reynoso was right when he said "everywhere" is Houston's worst road.

"How are the roads around here?" we asked driver Maria Medeles.

"Horrible," she said.

"Are they getting better?" we asked.

"No, worse."

Medeles thinks she's found the worst outside her sports bar on the east side. When we checked it out, we found a bird in the pothole taking a drink. It could hide a waiting gator, it's that deep.

"The city says they pick the worst first," we told Medeles.

"They haven't fixed anything," she said.

"When will they get to you?"

"That's a good question."

It used to be a city road, and on the books it probably still is a city road. But Medeles got tired of all the potholes and filled in the holes with dirt.

"They get the money, but I have not seen any repairs," Medeles said.

We heard that again and again from you online. Debbie Green told us on Facebook, "I've been here 30 years and these streets are the worst ever."

Then there were comparisons to roads that are worse in Tulsa, Dallas, Chicago and even Afghanistan -- as if that is supposed to make us feel better.

Mayor Annise Parker hasn't announced any plans to allocate more money to street repairs, but a couple of days ago, she did say, "While it's fun to tweet me pictures of your favorite potholes, for the same effort you can use the free 3-1-1 app and put them in the repair queue."

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