Thieves steal coupons out of local papers

July 9, 2011 9:00:00 PM PDT
Couponers rely on the Sunday paper to pull those little slips of paper that save them so much money. Most of us have heard of the TLC Show "Extreme Couponing". Just last month, a Sylvania couple who appeared on the show talked to 13abc. It's no doubt created some extreme couponers, but one woman says it's also creating some extreme thieves as well.

Shannon Matesick has been clipping coupons ever since watching "Extreme Couponing". She spends about 4 hours a week clipping and collecting and sometimes she not only saves, but she also makes money. She says, "When I went, the Olay was on clearance for $3.49, so I made a profit of $2 and some change."

Shannon considers herself an extreme couponer, but recently she noticed thieves are getting a little extreme too. "Without looking inside the paper, I grabbed 3 papers, brought them home, looked inside, no coupons."

Here at Stop and Go on Byrne and Dorr, workers say that coupon theft is such a problem that they called the local newspaper to complain.

13abc called Toledo police. They say they're not receiving complaints. Shannon admits a $2 newspaper isn't worth the energy. Instead of complaining, she found her own solution. "I've learned to look inside the papers. Some places still don't have them, some only have one of the inserts versus both. You have to watch where you go." And apparently, which paper you grab from the stack.

13abc also spoke to the Toledo Blade. They say they have received complaints about this issue, and if your coupons are missing from your paper, call the Blade and they will send out more.

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