HS students questioned in alleged rape

December 10, 2010 3:44:13 PM PST
Police are investigating an alleged rape and questioning several high school students after a young girl came forward at school, saying she is a victim. Police say the alleged assault happened off campus but the focus of their investigation involves several Cleveland High School students. Cleveland police say they are questioning nearly a dozen possible suspects, all of them students at Cleveland HS. The alleged victim is a middle school aged girl.

Police say they were looking for foresic evidence Thursday night at a home in the 1200 block of Martin Luther King in Cleveland, to see if there was a sexual assault there. They won't tell us what they've found.

Cleveland Police Chief Mark Bradshaw said, "No one is in custody at this time due to the multiple interviews that are occurring."

Investigators believe the alleged assault occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday, off school property. Chief Bradshaw says a student informed a Cleveland ISD principal of the sexual assault allegation just last Friday.

"It is unknown why it took the victim that long to come forward," Chief Bradshaw said.

The suspects police are questioning are all Cleveland high students, both juveniles and adults. Police say they cannot give any more details for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

Parents like Randy Parker, whose teenaged daughter is a student at Cleveland HS, find the allegations disturbing.

He said, "It makes me very upset, you know, and concerned for all these children. They should be safe and not worry about anything."

Police have made no arrests at this point. Police say the girl has been checked out and physically is OK.

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