Where to Watch the World Cup in America

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is rapidly approaching. Do you know where you're watching the games? Pinterest has teamed up with TripAdvisor to help soccer fans find the best places around the globe to watch the big games. There's a section called "Watch World Cup: USA," which is solely dedicated to all of the best places to watch in America recommended by fans.

A few spots include:

  • Maggie McGarry's in San Francisco, CA:
  • Amazing for live music, good drinks, great location. Hard to find a more authentic Irish Pub in The City. The cocktails are special here. Great sports club for Soccer matches.

  • The Phoenix on Westheimer in Houston, TX:
  • This place loves soccer year round, so they aren't looking to just make a buck off the World Cup crowd. They have SO MANY TVS and projector screens! For spillage, they even convert the parking lot into a viewing area with the game projected on the side of the building.

  • Woodwork in Brooklyn, NY:
  • One of the best soccer bars in Brooklyn. Good beer selection and tasty food, so you can stay longer and watch more than one game during the day.

  • The Piazza in Philadelphia, PA:
  • Huge open piazza with massive viewing screen, great bars and restaurants and lots of soccer fans!

  • The Globe Pub in Chicago, IL:
  • The Globe Pub in Chicago has a great atmosphere and great service. It opens at 6 am to show live games from Europe and stays open until 2 or 3 to accommodate North and South America games as well. As Chicago is an international melting pot, you will often wind up talking to someone who is actually from the country you're watching play.

  • London Bridge Pub in Raleigh, NC:
  • The environment is electric with football (soccer) fandom.

  • The Village Idiot in Los Angeles, CA: The Village Idiot in Los Angeles, CA:
  • Not a sports bar, but The Village Idiot takes it soccer seriously, with two 60-inch big screens dedicated to World Cup 2014.

  • Not listed on the map is Peeve's Public House in Fresno, CA (You also have the option to add places to the Pinterest map such as this one):
  • The pub is partnering with the Fresno chapter to host World Cup screenings. Come watch some soccer over a few craft beers!

    This spectacle only happens once every four years, so go out to these venues and root on your favorite teams! For more hot spots, visit http://www.pinterest.com/espn/watch-world-cup-usa/.
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