Woman attacked by 2 women, man out of road rage near gas station

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- What was supposed to be a quick stop for Alexus Hall turned into a brawl Tuesday afternoon at Bingle Road and West Tidwell Road.

"I definitely want to press charges. I want these women found," said Hall.

Hall reported to the Houston Police Department that she was followed and beat up by two women, claiming that she almost hit their vehicle near a gas station.

"As I rolled the window down, she grabbed me," she said.

Surveillance video from a store shows both women beat her. Hall was able to get out of the car to defend herself but when she grabs one of the women by the neck, that's when the man who was driving the black vehicle got out.

"The guy, he threatened me. He said if I continue to go after the girls he was gonna hurt me," she said.

The video shows him pushing Hall out of the way, and the two women get back in the car.

"He told me I deserved it," she said.

Hall was left with some bruising and cuts.

"They pulled hair out, so I have to get a haircut," she said.

Houston police are now working on her case, but she's worried it might get lost in the middle of this pandemic. She's hoping surveillance video will help her get justice.

"For someone to think that it was OK to beat me up because of road road rage, that's just crazy," Hall said.

If you know about this incident or know the people involved, call the Houston Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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