Dozens of Astros playoff tickets sent to woman's Spring Branch home by mistake

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Amparo Raghavan didn't have plans to see the Astros, so she was understandably surprised when four tickets to every home game now through the World Series showed up at her front door.

Amparo says she and her husband are new to their neighborhood in Spring Branch.

Her dogs alerted her to the FedEx driver in front of the home, but she says she didn't catch him in time.

The FedEx package left on her doorstep didn't have her name on it, but did have her address.

When she opened the package, she says she was surprised to find Astros tickets inside that she didn't order.

"It looks like they're very nice seats. The price tag on the tickets are not cheap, so I'm assuming they're pretty good seats," Amparo told Eyewitness News.

After checking with her next door neighbors to see if they ordered the tickets, Amparo says her husband called the Astros to try to return the tickets, but no one called back.

"(The buyers) probably aren't happy with their purchase," Amparo said. "I'd be calling every day to find out where my tickets are. I don't think they're happy."

Amparo says she only wants to make sure these tickets get back to their rightful owner or owners.

The Astros are now working to reunite the tickets with the purchaser.
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