Woman locked in Walmart garden center after it closes

Thursday, April 11, 2019
Women gets trapped in Walmart after it closed.
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Woman gets trapped in Walmart after it closed.

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman says she was locked in the garden center at a Galveston Walmart for almost an hour after it closed.

Sarah Luke says she was at Walmart on Seawall Boulevard picking up medicine when she decided to browse through the garden center before leaving. Little did she know they were about to close.

"I thought he (employee) saw me, but I was also wearing a green sweatshirt," Sarah said. "Maybe I blended in with the plants, but he or she, don't really know, locked me in!"

She tried getting out and the doors wouldn't open. "I just stood there and said, 'Oh, this isn't happening,'" she says.

She adds, "Whenever someone came by, I just started knocking on the door, waving my arms around!"

Luke had laryngitis, so she asked her mother to call the store to let her out. She says her mother couldn't get through to the store, so she called the police.

Galveston Police showed up with a store manager, who let her out, but not before she had some fun with it, capturing the ordeal on Snapchat.

"The assistant manager assured me that it was not her who locked me in, and the police officers started talking to her about how they need a more thorough walkthrough before locking the doors," Luke said.

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