Woman jumps on car hood in bizarre road rage case: Video

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A video is going viral showing an apparent road rage incident that left a woman clinging to the hood of a car.

It happened last summer, but has only started to spread online in the past few days.

"I had to take it slow, so I guess that's why she got mad or something," said the driver of the car.

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She and her passenger spoke to ABC13 about the incident. They asked that their identities not be revealed.

"I got on another lane and she got in front of me again. I got in the last lane, and that's when she got behind me and was riding close behind me."

The driver says after the couple in the other car got angry at her for going slow on a Houston entrance ramp, the other vehicle then pulled in front of them and started going slow.

"They threw something at my window," the driver said.

That's when it escalated even further. The other car stopped and the couple inside got out. The female driver can be seen walking toward the hood of the car.

"She literally got out the car and hopped on the car as I was driving, like, it was just so crazy," the driver said.

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The vehicle kept moving, and the woman fell off.

The passenger in the car recorded the incident. They didn't call police, saying they wanted to move on.

"People are just so crazy," the driver said.

Sharing the video online, however, has brought a lot of attention to what could have been an even more dangerous situation.

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