Woman captured on camera dragging dog by the leash

HOUSTON,Texas (KTRK) -- A woman says she was stopped at a red light on Saturday near the intersection of Emancipation and Holman Street when she captured on camera a woman dragging a dog by its leash.

"I've just been thinking about the pup all day, all night since I saw that," the woman said.

She declined to show her face on camera but did share the footage because she says she was disturbed by what she saw.

In the 17-second clip, the witness can be heard saying, "Oh my God" as she films the dog, which appears to be refusing to walk, being dragged behind the woman holding the leash. Both the dog and the person were walking on the sidewalk.

"The dog looks really scared of her, so obviously we don't know what's going on behind closed doors," the witness said.

At one point, the person can be seen stopping and turning around to say something to the dog before she jerks the leash, and the dog stumbles along behind her.

The witness says she felt bad for the animal, but also did not want to confront the person.

The incident was reported to the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's cruelty unit, which is now investigating the incident.

"It is really important that if you see something like this, you have to speak up and share it to the community so this horrible act can be stopped right away," she said.

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