Firefighter arrested after his wife reported his many wives to deputies

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- Deputies are investigating a Needham firefighter who has reportedly had multiple wives, one in Cypress, without ever divorcing the first one he married in 1998.

In April, a woman contacted deputies with Constable Mark Herman's Office to report that her husband was still married to several other women, and had never finalized any divorce. She claims she received emails from several women claiming they were all married to him. She kicked her husband out of the house.

The suspect was identified as Nathaniel D'Amato. Deputies say he has been married to a Michigan woman since 1998. He reportedly has several common-law ex-girlfriends. Deputies are investigating to determine if they were, in fact, married.

Authorities say D'Amato was arrested Monday afternoon after he showed up to the Magnolia fire station.

Firefighter arrested for having 'too many wives'
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Firefighter arrested for having 'too many wives'

Constable Mark Herman says he believes that D'Amato was on the run and looking for a place to hide out when he showed up at the fire station.

The fire chief confirmed D'Amato is a firefighter with Needham Fire and Rescue in Montgomery County and a volunteer firefighter with Magnolia Fire Department. He has served for the past two years.

This is a second degree felony and if convicted D'Amato faces up to 99 years in prison.
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