Ugly sweater store has holly jolliest hiring process

FORT WORTH, TX (KTRK) -- Job applicants at a Texas ugly sweater store have an interview like no other: a dance-off.

"We found a lot of great people that way," Jeremy Turner, owner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop, told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV.

Turner has asked potential hires to submit videos showcasing their best dance moves and explaining why they want to work in what is may well be one of the jolliest stores in the area.

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"All you had to do was dance," Turner said. "It showed us you were willing to have fun."

Turner received dozens of videos from applicants, who ranged from students looking for part-time work to a retired teacher who danced and recited a poem about her qualifications.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop first opened for business in Dallas several years ago. This year, Turner has opened pop-up shops in Frisco and Fort Worth. His inventory contains more than 10,000 vintage ugly Christmas sweaters.

"I love Christmas," turner added. "I'm into authentic sweaters. These were never intended to be ugly, they were intended to be pretty."
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