Some Texans get winter treat, with dusting of snow

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- Snow gave a dusting on cars and homes in Huntsville Monday.

"I think it's beautiful. I've never seen this before," said Amy Salazar.

It's not often snow falls this close and this heavy in Huntsville. Monday evening, several snow showers surprised those who stopped to get gas.

"It's crazy. It's getting in my eyes," said Malik Jackson.

Monday's the snow stuck around a bit longer on metal. A car dealership along I-45 north got a good covering of the white stuff, but it was still not enough to build a snow man.

The snow event spread all over social media at Sam Houston State University.

"Snapchatting about the snow," said Alyssa Page. "We need more so school can get canceled."

Page was hopeful she and others would get a snow day.

"Snowball fights," said Jackson. "Hot chocolate. Netflix."

But their chances of a white-out melted away.

"It seems like once it touches the ground it melts," said Salazar.

As the snow turned into liquid, TxDOT crews were preparing for for the possibility of ice on overpasses and bridges. Monday afternoon, a convoy of deicing trucks began to spray down the roads.

And to think, just Sunday, it was beach weather.

"This is like Texas weather. It's hot one day. It's warm one day. The next thing you know it's snowing. This is Texas for y'all," said Salazar.

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