Football players prepare for heat as they begin practice

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- In Pearland, like so many places in Southeast Texas, there is little else like the first day of football practice.

"It's football in Texas," said Saul Rodriguez, a Pearland League Football Coach, who was as eager as anyone to hit the field. "The parents, they're getting ready. They wear their stuff like it's a game."

Those parents love the lasting friendships with other families as much as the sport.

"You meet friends," said Team Mom Lindsey Coan. "Teams, they become friends. They like to hang out with each other. So I like meeting all of the new kids and families."

On that first day, though, there's the anticipation and the excitement of a new season.

"You have your first day at practice," explained parent Keith Smart, "and then your first day in pads. That's a big deal."

There is also the heat.

"It's probably going to get hotter," said Coach Rodriguez as the team practiced at 6pm, when the sun hung low in the sky. "It's probably going to get hotter."

Whether it's a seasoned veteran or a nine-year-old rookie playing for Pearland, the blazing sun and blitz of humidity can tackle anyone. The parents and coaches take it seriously.

"Last night started the hydration process," said Coan. "You do it 24 hours in advance and your kid should be OK."

"I tell my son, even if you're thirsty, get some water," added Smart. "Get a good drink."

That's why at regular intervals, they'll take those breaks, hydrate, and then get back to work.

Because there isn't much time between the first day of practice and the first game of the season.
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