Caney Creek floods parts of Walker County

Some homeowners in Walker County have been forced from their homes by floodwater Monday afternoon.

The Walker County Sheriff's office says Caney Creek spilled its banks earlier Monday, flooding streets near the Harmon Creek RV Park and Marina. That's north of Highway 19.

Jerry Jones told us he was stranded inside his mobile home with two other people. They're worried about the force of the current.

"It's got a lot of power if it moves them blocks, if it moves them blocks. If the house starts shifting, you got cracked walls, cracked roof, doors won't open shut; it will cost quite a bit of money to restore everything," he said.

A spokesperson with the Sheriff's office says 60 to 80 homes have been effected by water but none have been flooded. The water appears to be receding in the area, but concerns exist over any more rainwater up river.

Authorities have opened up the Walker County Storm Shelter for those displaced by storm waters. It'located at 455 Highway 75 in Huntsville.
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