Former UT star Selvin Young recruiting other Longhorns to feed communities

A former University of Texas football player is doing his best to give back to the community by using food to bring everyone together.

In his post-football life, Selvin Young builds food trucks.

Young created an organization called "Farm to Neighborhoods," and his goal is to get fresh vegetables into as many neighborhoods as possible.

"Mobile kitchens have been a stepping stone for a lot of (food trucks)," says Young. "We kind of created something that has been going on for a while. We custom-make them."

What started as a way to make a living has become a way to give back to the community.

"I added a donation tab. If you want to buy a box, I will find someone to give it to," he said. "The first week I had 20 boxes, and the next week I had 40. I want to start with senior (assisted) living communities. Then, I want to get into churches and youth groups."

Fellow former UT athletes Vince Young, T.J. Ford and Kasey Studdard, as well as Allegiance Bank, have all helped the cause.

The former running back feels the dinner table can bring everyone together.

"Being able to help someone outside of what they portray, outside of a title or badge," he said. "I feel like food can be the connection to bring us all together."

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