New York UPS driver hides Christmas toy behind garbage bins, tops with cardboard

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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Sonia Rincon reports on a UPS driver with a heart of gold who saved Christmas for one family

WARWICK, New York -- A UPS driver was caught on camera going above and beyond to ensure a Christmas delivery would not be spoiled for the children inside a home.

The driver, Josh Satkin, dropped off a large toy in Warwick, New York, on Thursday, but the box clearly revealed what was inside.

So the driver leaned it up against the garage door and then moved two large trash bins in front of it before topping it off with cardboard to conceal the present from prying eyes.

The homeowners, Mike and Megan Delaney, posted the video on social media with a big thank you to the concerned driver.

They get alerts on their phones when their Ring camera sees someone in their driveway, and Megan was out with the kids when she saw that the package was being delivered.

"And then I see the box, and I'm like, oh no," she said.

But then she saw Satkin discreetly tucking the big box behind their garbage cans.

"I'm like, yes, he saved Christmas," she said." He covered it."

When the Delaneys next saw Satkin and thanked him, he told them he didn't even realize he was being recorded. He just wanted to make sure he didn't spoil the Christmas surprise.

"It makes it even so much cooler that no one's watching and he's doing an act of kindness just because," Megan said. "It's amazing that he did that for us."

And now, a 4-year-old boy will be surprised on Christmas morning.

"UPS drivers are trained to deliver packages in a way that keeps them out of sight as much as possible," UPS said in a statement. "Sometimes they need to get creative, especially when making deliveries such as this one for the holidays."