PRETTY IN PINK: Unicorn-themed dessert bar serving up magical treats in Houston

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Ride the rainbow to this unicorn-themed dessert bar in Houston
This dessert bar confirms what we knew all along: Unicorns are real and we deserve to have lava cake and pink hot chocolate guilt-free.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Round up your friends who don't believe in unicorns. Their beliefs might change after a colorfully delectable trip to the new Unicorn-Magical Dessert Bar now open in Houston.

Okay, maybe unicorns don't exist. But that doesn't mean you can't eat like you're in a wonderland.

The dessert bar opened its first location in Dallas on Dec. 21, before opening the Houston location at 907 Westheimer Rd. in March.

So what is it that has had people waiting in line for hours to taste the unicorn-filled rainbow?

"Our whole theme is around the unicorn. The store is full of unicorns everywhere. It's about pink, purple, turquoise. It's everything unicorn. The desserts are all unicorn. Shakes, lemonades, rainbow cakes, cake pops, donuts, cupcakes, lava cake, pink hot chocolate. All desserts are pretty in pink, gold, pastel colors," said owner Usman Babar told ABC13.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to foodies that a dessert bar is perfect for Texas, especially after being named the best food state in the U.S.

But after opening recently in Dallas, why bring it to Houston so soon? Babar says adding unicorn magic to the Bayou City was a no-brainer simply because this is the place to be.

"Houston is a foodie destination. When we opened in Dallas and saw the lines and people waiting for hours, we knew this will work in Houston and we love the Monstrose area," Babar explains.

The Houston location will differ in at least one way from the Dallas shop. It's going to be bigger.

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So get your taste buds ready for some pretty-in-pink treats.

Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!