Uber driver accused of threatening to rape passenger

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Millions of people use Uber every day with no issues, but a recent ride from River Oaks ended with an alleged rape threat.

A rider reported the driver complimented her and then threatened rape, before continuing the trip as normal. The rider reached her destination unharmed.

Uber issued a statement, saying, "What's been detailed has no place on the Uber app and we're reviewing the matter. As soon as we became aware of this report, we removed this driver's access to the platform."

Uber users we spoke with said they've heard some horror stories, but few had actual plans in place if they felt unsafe on a trip.

Lida Escobar uses Uber often and didn't have a concrete plan.

"Actually, thinking about it, knowing that several people have gone through several things. It changes my mind," she said.

Uber said it's added several new safety features just in the last several months, like the emergency service button. This will call authorities from the app after you click the shield icon on the lower right.

"It dials 911 through the app, and it shows you the driver's info and make and model and your exact location so you can provide that to the operator," said Kayla Whaling, Uber spokeswoman.

Users can ask to be dropped off in a safe location or change a destination at any time in the app without even speaking to the driver directly.

Riders can also follow prompts to share ride info with friends and family, for an added feeling of security, the company said.

"With the Uber app, trips are always GPS tracked and there's no anonymous trips," Whaling said.

If a user is threatened, Uber suggests reporting that to police, as well as the company.

The driver in question cannot accept passengers pending the investigation.

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